Elite Package

Reading Assessment + Two 1-hour Consults + 45-minute Follow Up
+ Personalized Book List

This comprehensive package is designed for parents who are dedicated to ensuring their child makes tangible gains in reading over the course of six months. We are committed to working closely with you and your child to foster a love for reading, improve their literacy skills, and empower them for a brighter academic future. Feel free to reach out to us to get started on this enriching journey!

What’s Included in our Elite Package


Initial Reading Assessment

We will administer various reading assessments to your child to gain insights into their reading abilities. Following the assessment, we will discuss our findings with you.


Assessment Report

You will receive a detailed report containing the assessment data, providing a clear overview of your child’s current reading skills and areas for improvement.


First One-Hour Consultation

We will schedule a one-hour consultation with you to share effective reading and writing strategies tailored to your child’s specific needs and based on the assessment results.


Three-Month Follow-Up Consultation

After three months, we will meet with you again for a second one-hour consultation. During this session, we will provide guidance and recommendations customized to your child’s progress since the initial assessment.


Two-Month Progress Review

Two months later, we will reconnect with you through a convenient Zoom or phone call for a 45-minute follow-up session. During this session, we will assess your child’s progress, make any necessary adjustments to the strategies, and provide additional support.


Personalized Book List

Your child’s interests and data will guide us in creating a personalized book list to further enhance their reading journey.


Package Add-on


Additional One-Hour Consult: $100

If you would like to sit down for an additional hour via person or zoom call, this can be added to any package.