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Nurturing Young Readers: Empowering Children Through Literacy

Jacqueline Farlow of Learning to Love Literacy


B.A. Sociology, University of Virginia
MT in Elementary Education, University of Virginia
Post Master’s Certification Reading Specialist, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jackie Farlow is here to help you bridge the gap between home and school. At the University of Virginia, she received a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Master’s in teaching Elementary Education. She taught third grade language arts in Alexandria City Public Schools. In recent years, she has spent time at home with her own preschool children and completed her Master’s Certification as a Reading Specialist from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Teachers are superstars (really) but as a former teacher she realizes the difficulty in supporting parents/guardians with literacy in the home given the demands in the classroom. There are practices you can implement yourself to support your child and push them forward. Let’s work together to find the best plan for you and your child!


K-12 Certified Reading Specialist


Master's in Teaching Elementary Education


Former Educator & Mom of Two Children