Unlocking Reading Success for Kids

We help parents understand their child’s literacy needs.

Our Mission

The purpose of Learning to Love Literacy is to help parents understand their child’s literacy needs.  We will provide parents with strategies to strengthen their child’s reading and writing development.

Parents will walk away understanding what their child currently knows, what literacy goals their child can be striving for, and what tools they can use on a regular basis to propel their child forward.

Jacqueline Farlow - Learning to Love Literacy

About Us

Do you wonder whether your child is reading and writing to his or her potential? Perhaps you are concerned that your child is not being challenged.  As a parent/guardian, would you want to learn strategies to help your child at home?

Personalized Strategies

Comprehensive Assessment

Clear Progress Tracking

Targeted Support

Reading Packages


This package includes comprehensive child assessments, personalized reading and writing strategies, and targeted support to enhance your child’s learning journey, ensuring their progress and success.


This package offers comprehensive child assessments, personalized reading and writing strategies, and follow-up sessions to track progress and provide tailored book recommendations based on your child’s data and interests.


This comprehensive six-month package includes child assessments, personalized reading and writing strategies, two one-hour consultations, a 45-minute follow-up session, progress monitoring, and a tailored book list to ensure your child makes measurable gains in their learning journey.

How It Works

Step 1

Intake Form

The first step is to fill out the intake form and then we will setup a time to assess your child. 

Step 2


We will assess your child and determine their areas of needs and strengths in terms of fluency, decoding, spelling, and comprehension.

Step 3


After reviewing your child’s strengths and areas of need, we will discuss practices you can implement at home to support your child’s growth.

Step 4


We determine whether strategies are working or if we need to adjust our plan.


Our second grade daughter has been behind in reading for sometime now. Most parents are not prepared to be a teacher, we were always just guessing how to help her and making her more frustrated.

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When we came across Learning to Love Literacy we had never heard of anything like this before. Since tutoring and the learning centers were not getting our daughter to the place she needed to be, we figured we would give it a shot. Jackie was such a blessing to our family. She sat down with us and explained the areas where our daughter was struggling, gave us fun games to play that didn’t feel like “learning,” she made a realistic lesson plan that we could do daily with just a few minutes. We could not believe our ears when our daughter said she was excited about a new book and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next! This was just another great tool that Jackie offers with the book list she tailored to what she thought our daughter would be interested in reading.

We know most parents would rather have a tutor do the work, we have been there. But our daughter started getting so much more out of a few minutes each day with us versus cramming in a couple tutoring sessions into our already busy week.

We couldn’t recommend Learning to Love Literacy more!

Parents of 2nd grader

This past summer Jackie provided speciality reading services for our grand daughter, who was reading below grade level.  Because of Jackie’s expertise, our grand daughter is now reading at grade level and enjoys reading much more.  Jackie was very personable and considerate of our grand daughter’s personal interests when making assignments. Jackie provided simple ideas to build reading skills that could be easily incorporated into our busy day.  It was a wonderful experience.
Carol S.

I have had the pleasure of supervising Jackie Farlow as she completed her literacy field experiences in the VCU Reading program and she always provides effective instruction that thoughtfully meets students’ individual literacy needs and supports their development in the components of literacy.
Valerie Robnolt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor